What Photographer's do on Vacations

It is always nice to get away and take a break with my family from being a "photographer".  Do photographers ever really stop taking photos?  NEVER.  It rained pretty much every day that we were on vacation so we got relax in a different way then putting our butt in the sand and tan.  This is Frisco Pier which in December will come down forever.  I had to capture some images of it because I have never had that chance.  I grabbed my Son and his Girlfriend and asked for them to let me take some amazing shots of them.  As any photographer knows your own children hate getting pictures taken and even when they are 23 they still are tired of the camera in their face.  My Son was a good trooper and I am glad because I love these photos the most.

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Melanie S. Robison, Photographer. Mom, Wife, Dog Mom, Aunt, Sister, and Daughter. MSRcreations Photography is my vision of rich and real photographs. Something I have loved for many years and I dont really feel it is work. In business since 2012 I am so proud of how far my photography business has come. I could not be where I am without the many clients that I see every year. I am humbled that they entrust me to capture images for them and blessed to watch as their families grow. It is truly a blessing beyond what I can explain in words. Enjoy reading and viewing their stories in my blog - dont worry I throw some personal stuff in there as well as a photographer's advice on things.

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