2017 Wedding Statistics

I love to look over each year the different statistics that they put out for the top trends with the wedding industry.  Not only is it helpful in my planning and advertising but to also understand my wedding client’s needs as well.  The average age of couples getting married have increased.  Taking time to get to know themselves and each other better; which is good and means for a more meaningful connections as well as interesting stories to tell.  The average age for a couple when they get married is now 32.  We are also seeing new behaviors grow in popularity - such as couples meeting online, a 16% increase in interracial marriage and an increase in mixed gender wedding parties.   We couldn’t be happier to serve such a variety of amazing clients this year thanks to the changing trends.

Sunrise over the ocean
In November we will be traveling to Bonita Springs, Florida for an amazing opportunity to shoot a Florida Beach wedding.  November is one of the most popular times in Florida for couples to get married.  With our weather in Ohio; November is when our wedding season starts to slow.

 Wedding Report
Information from Wedding.com

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